Police.UK is an essential hub of information and allows members of the public to use the online services available when reporting an incident, search for local crime information and seeking crime prevention advice and guidance.

The Police.UK website is a useful platform to discover advice on reporting different incidents, current campaigns to tackle different crimes and threats, as well as a crime mapping tool to discover the crime reports in your local area.

The website allows you to research the local police force, crime in a specified area and allows you to interact with a map outlining the crimes reported in a given time frame. This is a useful tool to understand what the current threats are and ho frequently they occur.

This section identifies how policing in the UK works and the national and local programmes focusing on resources available and efficiency. Find out who the police and crime commissioners are and discover the UK wide and specialist agencies.

If you’ve been affected by crime, either as a victim or a witness, help and support is available. Here you’ll find the guidelines forces follow to make sure they’re offering the best possible support and where you can go to get extra support.

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