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The International Arts & Antiquities Security Forum (IAASF) is a leading conference and exhibition dedicated to the protection of arts, antiquities and cultural heritage. Providing those involved in the protection and safe custody of buildings, artefacts and events with an understanding of existing and emerging threats that can impact them. 

Originally this year’s event was being held in Westminster Cathedral’s historical hall. However, following an approach by members of the UK Security Expo ( organisational committee it has been agreed to bring the IAASF event into the Security Expo, but retaining the exclusivity of a stand-alone event. The benefits to the delegates are that there are far greater opportunities to see and experience the latest security innovations and services that the wider sector has to offer.

Culture, arts and antiquities provides millions of people with pleasure and enjoyment; whether as owners, organisations or members of the public. Their value runs into the billions of dollars and as a market sector it directly employs tens of thousands of people; indirectly hundreds of thousands more. Unfortunately, because of their beauty and value, art and antiquities have always been seen as a commodity that are worth fighting over, stealing or destroying. Recent figures in the UK suggest that the cost of high value art thefts by organised crime gangs is in the region of £350-480 million annually, with the global value of crimes against arts, cultural and historical sites believed to be in excess of £10 billion.

These figures are staggering and can only be tackled by working together across the disciplines that make up the cultural, heritage, arts and antiquity communities; as well as law enforcement and governments. The IAASF event was created to provide a forum where those involved in, or with a passion for the cultural, art or antiquities sectors can learn about the security threats and risks that exist but also sensible steps that can be taken to provide security and protection. It also creates a platform for people to network with counterparts from around the world, learn from specialists and it enable a more proactive approach to security to take place.

Who Should Attend?

The Forum has been designed to meet the needs of all those involved in the protection of arts, antiquities and cultural heritage whether security professionals, operational teams, curators, archivists or police officers.  Everybody who has an interest, either personal or professional, in protecting the arts and heritage will benefit from attending the Forum.


‘We live in a naughty world, and the world needs protecting.  We don’t need a nanny to save us from naughtiness, but we do need a common appreciation of our humanity.  Nowhere is this more powerfully understood than in our history, and nowhere is it more theatrically demonstrated than in our art.  Our heritage needs protecting, and we must honour it by looking after it.  Conservation measures are well understood – we need a similar vigilance against people of ill-will.  Christ himself identified the three dangers of moth, rust and the thief;  we’ll leave the first two to the conservators, but we look to the International Arts & Antiquities Security Forum to protect us from the last’.

– Jonathan Ruffer  – Philanthropist, Art Expert, Chairman of Auckland Castle Trust

International Arts & Antiquities Security Forum

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