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The United Kingdom’s cultural community has requested a single location, a ‘One Stop Shop,’ where individuals and organisations can visit to get informed advice and guidance for the protection of art and cultural heritage. Following internal discussions, the IAASF committee agreed to develop and deliver this service as a part of our continued community-driven outreach programme.


The purpose of the website is to provide advice and guidance from known and trusted sources that help reduce the risks faced or anticipated, and protect cultural and heritage assets for future generations. By collecting and collating freely available protective advice and guidance and placing it in one location we are reducing some of the confusion faced by many who spend hours researching where to get the information from. Membership is free and it is explained below:


The ‘General Access’ link below is open to everybody and provides links to organisations and points of reference to help protect your assets. This link also includes access to different professional bodies engaged in the protection of assets and events that may be of interest to the cultural community. All of the information within this area is open-sourced and freely available to all, we have just collected it into a single space.


The ‘Premium Access’ requires individuals to register (for free) to access this area. This section allows access to different protective products and services offered to the cultural community whether in the UK or internationally, helping the signposting to relevant areas of interest. If you are a supplier of products and services to the art or cultural heritage community, details of how to advertise and the rates associated with advertising can be obtained from the IAASF Coordinator, Louise Williamson at ([email protected]). There is also access to organisational newsletters and a chat forum where questions or subjects of interest can be raised and discussed by members.


The IAASF team are proud to have developed this ‘One-Stop-Shop’ but we know that for it to be of true benefit it has to be used by the communities. We therefore encourage all users to give honest feedback, share ideas, and share with colleagues so the global cultural and heritage family can benefit and risks are reduced.

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