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Curso Online de Introducción a la Protección de Espacios Culturales
3 de Junio 2024

Después de completar esta capacitación, los participantes comprenderán las amenazas que existen dentro del sector cultural, cómo se manifiestan y los pasos que se deben tomar para reducir los riesgos que pueden enfrentar.

Advanced Certificate in Cultural & Heritage Venue Protection – Rome, Italy
15th – 19th July 2024

Protecting against threats to people, building, and objects is a vital part of the work of a heritage professional and is an activity that everyone needs to be engaged in. This programme helps participants understand the threats that can impact cultural and heritage venues wherever they are in the world. Participants will learn about operational activities such as situational awareness, surveillance detection, and how to undertake risk assessments which can better protect their assets for future generations.

ARA Survey Graphic
IAASF 2024 – Developing Resilience for the Protection of Cultural Venues
16th – 17th October 2024

For this year’s event, we want to explore the development of resilience in the cultural sector and how it impacts infrastructure, transportation, training, operational protection, protesters and other activities. The more we can address resilience in the cultural heritage sectors the more robust our protective approach will be to ensure cultural assets are around for future generations.

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