Historic England

Historic England is the public body that helps people care for, enjoy and celebrate England’s spectacular historic environment. They work with communities and specialists to share their passion, knowledge and skills to inspire interest, care and conservation, so everyone can keep enjoying and looking after the history that surrounds us.

Browse the Historic England website to discover their listed sites, advice offered to cultural venues, their ongoing research and more.

The Historic England advice and guidance page includes free documents on a variety of topics including conservation, management, emergency planning, heritage crime and physical security measures.

This guidance document has been written for those who care for heritage assets, including owners, tenants, managers, and voluntary groups. Itsets out 25 broadly applicable techniques of crime prevention, with guidance on the ways in which they might be used to prevent or deter heritage crime in particular.

This guidance note is aimed at heritage professionals, community groups and volunteers who have little or no experience of risk management and crime prevention. Its aim is to introduce a straightforward methodology that will help them to assess and quantify relative crime risks and to implement cost-effective measures to address those risks.

This PDF framework can be used alongside the advice and guidance in the above two documents. It is interactive and can be completed when carrying out different risk assessments.

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