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Julian Radcliffe graduated with an MA from Oxford in Politics and Economics and joined Hogg Robinson as a Lloyd’s insurance broker in 1970-1999. He was Chairman of the Lloyd’s Insurance Brokers Committee for setting market standards. He started Investment Insurance as the leading political risk broker in 1972 and has acted as an expert on major political risk claims such as Cuba, Indonesia, Russia and South America.

He founded Control Risks in 1976 to specialise in international risk management including kidnap negotiations and became a Director of Hogg Group Plc, a leading Lloyd’s broker. He founded the Art Loss Register in 1990 as an initiative for the Insurance industry and Art trade to reduce the theft of and trade in stolen art and became the majority shareholder in 2004. He is also Chairman of The Equipment Register which undertakes the same task for stolen construction equipment.

He has acted as an expert witness in major international fraud, political risk, negligence and art theft court cases. He served as a Colonel in the Ministry of Defence during the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, and was awarded the OBE in 1999 and the QVRM in 2004.

He has negotiated many of the major Art Loss Register recoveries including the return of the Hooke manuscripts for the Royal Society, missing since 1662, the seizure of the pictures stolen from the Bakwin collection, valued at £18m, the recovery of the Dutch pictures which revealed an insurance fraud, and the conviction of several criminals including two lawyers jailed.

He wrote the forward to “Stolen” published by Madison Press Books in 2008 and has contributed articles such as Ethical IssuesThe Art Trade and Stolen Art, Under Duress – Art and Extortion, Attitudes to Art Crime – The Romantic versus the Realist. He collects early English Watercolours and Old Master drawings. His charitable work has included serving as Head of the oldest City Livery company the Weavers, a trustee of several museums and chairing the Ulysses Trust.

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