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Jim McGuffey

ASIS International

Committee Chair, Cultural Properties – Houses of Worship

Jim earned a B.A. in Criminal  Justice and M.A. in Management.

Jim is a former US military serviceman and law enforcement officer who then went on to spend over 26 years in the US Corporate security world rising to senior level roles with responsibility for protection of assets at 50 high risk facilities during his career.

Jim is one of the few security professionals who is accredited as CPP®, PCI® and PSP® from ASIS International meaning that his guidance is often sought as an expert witness by both defence and prosecuting counsels. He is a sitting member of the ASIS Cultural Properties Council, and the committee lead on protecting places of worship.

He continues to travel the world as an instructor teaching law enforcement how to protect soft targets and vital infrastructure from terrorist attack.

International Arts & Antiquities Security Forum

International Arts & Antiquities Security Forum

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