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Dr Declan Garrett

National Gallery of Ireland

Security & Safety ManagerĀ 

Dr Declan Garrett is a Doctor of Security Risk Management. Dr Garrett is responsible for the security of the art collection of the National Gallery of Ireland and the safety of its employees and visitors. He serves on ASIS Internationals Cultural Properties Council and is the Head of International Research and a Governor of the Board of Governors for Academic Standards at the Security Institute of Ireland. Dr Garrett is a thought leader on Private Security Career Paths and he has spoken at seminars on topics including Museum Security, Counter Terrorism and Training and Education. Dr Garrett has contributed to European research project teams that developed common EU competences for security guarding and de-radicalization training and is responsible for leading the development of the international training standard for Museum Security Officer.

International Arts & Antiquities Security Forum

International Arts & Antiquities Security Forum

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