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Paul Crowther OBE
Chief Constable
British Transport Police

Paul Crowther was appointed Chief Constable of British Transport Police (BTP) on 1 May 2014. Prior to this, he was Deputy Chief Constable responsible for Professional Standards, Strategic Development, and Media and Marketing. Paul was also responsible for the crime portfolio in his role as Assistant Chief Constable. He has 37 years service with BTP.

Paul has a crime and operations background and has been Incident Commander at several major train crash incidents including Hatfield. He was the Senior Investigating Officer at the Potters Bar train crash in 2001.

In 2004 Paul was appointed as Area Commander responsible for policing the London Underground with a staff of 720 police officers and 200 support staff.

In 2005 Paul was BTP’s Tactical Commander for the terrorist attacks on the 7th and 21st July and led BTP’s operational response.

Paul is the National Police Lead for three business areas – suicide prevention, metal theft and CCTV.

In the New Years Honours 2014, Paul was awarded the OBE.

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